4 Ways To Rebuild Your Brand Without Breaking the Bank

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A brand rebuild can be exactly what a company needs to push itself to the next level, and even the most successful brands have gone through a redesign at some point or other. Shanita Dorsey is a business strategist and web designer who has helped many aspiring entrepreneurs rebuild their businesses online, and design new websites that represent their new goals. Based on her experiences, she provided CircleAround with a few ways small businesses can save money while rebuilding their brand. 

1. Make an Announcement

You don’t have to keep your brand rebuild a secret until it launches. It’s important to remember that your loyal customers will want to celebrate with you, and new customers will be excited to learn about what’s new.

You don’t need to spend money on a grand marketing campaign or public relations agency to communicate the upcoming changes to your business. “Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to announce the rebranding of your business by creating posts and videos,” Dorsey suggests. Email is also an easy option for getting the word out.

2. Look for Free Resources 

Large agencies are able to afford teams of designers and strategists, but even if your business consists of one person, you can still obtain the design resources you need at minimal to no cost. 

“Save money on your logo by designing it yourself with tools like Canva,” Dorsey says. “The logo can simply be the name of the business with a nice font.” Other good options include Adobe Spark, Visme, and even Google Design, which make creative design free and easy to execute.

3. Teach Yourself a New Skill

Alternatively, you can save a lot of money by purchasing professional design tools like Adobe Photoshop, or learning to code and creating what you need yourself. Many online tutorials exist to help teach how to use these programs effectively, but most importantly, you will save money by not having to hire someone to do that job specifically.

Dorsey also suggests a skill exchange as a way to get what you need and help someone else for less too. “Barter with someone who has the skills you need, in exchange for providing them with a business service they need but can’t afford.” 

4. Invest in New Talent

If you do need to build a team to get your brand rebuild off the ground, it doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many talented individuals looking to get their start if you are willing to help guide them along the way.

“Hire a college student that is majoring in photography to take pictures of the business,” Dorsey suggests. “It will be cheaper, and the student will gain more experience.” This also goes for any kind of graphic design, website development, and more. You’ll make an impact on their career, and they will provide much needed skills so you can focus on other aspects of your business if you don’t have time to learn new skills.

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