She Empowers People to ‘Trust Their Instincts and Take Risks’

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Being able to adapt to new situations and circumstances is the key to innovation and success, according to Kellee Marlow. Over the last 20 years, Marlow has helped others build corporate business strategies by staying open and agile. Now, she has her own consulting business helping others find their path to success.

Marlow tells CircleAround that she built her career by “embracing disruption and identifying innovative concepts and technologies that challenged companies and people to think differently.” She attributes much of her success to her ability to adapt to the unexpected, whether it’s something impacting her personal life or something impacting the world, like the recent pandemic.

"She built her career by 'embracing disruption and identifying innovative concepts and technologies that challenged companies and people to think differently'."

“My career spans corporate, entrepreneurial, advisory roles across technology, business services, and consumer products,” she says.

Marlow knew that developing a wide range of skills would help her get more opportunities, and help empower her to start her own business. “Following corporate jobs, I ventured out on my own and founded private investment group Lion Ventures Group.” She eventually incorporated her business to serve more creative content investments, which were more aligned with her passion for health, wellness, spirituality, and the arts.

Marlow says she’s most proud of her work hosting Spark podcast, which focuses on “curated conversations with change-leaders and influencers to inform minds, inspire ideas, and ignite innovation.” The podcast is meant to inspire listeners to go beyond what they believe they are capable of and to take action for good. Marlow says Spark helps people connect “with the narrative they need to move forward and realize their goals with guidance and support.”

Episodes cover a range of topics, but Marlow says she most enjoys focusing on productivity and wellness, sustainability, innovation, and entrepreneurship that can change the way we think about the future. Recent guests have included Rihanna Knight (founder of Team Timbuktu), Dr. Guy Leschziner (a leading expert on the science of sleep), and Christina Maslach (an expert on how to identify and avoid burnout).

Welcome Change — Don't Fear It

Marlow didn't stop with her podcast, though. She's also dabbled in content development and media. “Despite no previous experience in filmmaking, I created the vision for, co-directed, and produced a social impact documentary called the Art of Courage.

“The film inspired me to help others realize they could change their mindset to achieve goals they once believed were out of their reach," she says.

Marlow is also a member of the Women’s Leadership Council for the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, which has provided over 30,000 low-income entrepreneurs with critical business training, guidance, and support. “Through business ownership, individuals who face systemic barriers to economic opportunity can achieve economic mobility and play a pivotal role in building the local community and its prosperity.”

Today, Marlow continues to empower others by helping them “trust their instincts, take risks, and discover their path to personal and professional happiness.” She notes that, "by welcoming, rather than fearing change, I have created a mindset focused on empowerment, innovation, and inspiration that guides every personal and professional decision I make.”

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