3 Tips on How to Realize Your Vision, from a Career Coach

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Before starting a business, it’s vital to have a vision and a purpose. But honing in on that vision can be difficult, so some enlist the help of Demetria Hill Sloan. For almost 20 years, Sloan has guided people in sales, training, and management. Her consulting business, Vantage Point Coaching, LLC, allows her to leverage her passions for personal growth and professional development to help clients achieve success. She provides coaching services and customized training programs in leadership and personal development.

“Coaching was the portion of my job as a sales leader in the pharmaceutical industry that I loved the most,” Sloan tells CircleAround. The Girl Scout alum says helping sales representatives reach their full potential — both personally and professionally — training new hires to achieve success, and mentoring fellow sales leaders, led her to launch Vantage Point Coaching. 

Here are three tips from Sloan on how to find your path. 

1Get Clear on Your Vision for Your Life

For Sloan, vision is everything. “When you are clear on your vision, you can begin to align your goals and actions to help you achieve that vision,” she explains. “This will help you choose which opportunities to take and which opportunities to decline.” 

She adds that when you’re pursuing your own vision, and not someone else’s, you won’t experience as many feelings of frustration and discontent. Sloan says that parents, grandparents, and bosses might have a different idea of what they want for your future, but only you can decide the path for yourself. 

“The biggest rewards are seeing my clients achieve their goals.”  

2Self-FIRST Is Not SelfISH

“The biggest challenge is keeping my eyes on my prize,” Sloan tells CircleAround. “It is easy to get sucked into projects, good ideas, or helping others achieve their goals that my own priorities get put to the side. It is important for me to take time each week to calibrate against the goals I have set forth for myself to achieve and continue to grow my business.”

Sloan emphasizes the importance of taking time for yourself while helping others. “It is imperative to prioritize your self-care. This includes all five dimensions of self-care: intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional, and social. We all have heard the saying, you can't pour from an empty cup. We must actively prioritize our self-care in all five dimensions, as we cannot teach what we have not learned or model behavior we do not practice.” 

3Live Gratitude

As Sloan continues to focus on coaching clients, responding to requests for proposals (RFPs), and serving her community through virtual workshops, she’s also helping to plan the next Spring into Leadership Women's Conference. “We had to pivot to a fully online conference this year due to the coronavirus pandemic,” she explains.

But she’s still grateful for the experience and says it has taught her lessons she will carry through for the next iteration. “We know that 2021 will likely be a hybrid event... dependent on the latest CDC guidelines and an online experience. This requires a great deal of coordination and creativity to ensure all attendees have an invaluable, inspiring, and highly educational experience.”

“A daily gratitude practice will support you in every area of yourself,” she advises. “I named my company Vantage Point Coaching because I know if you change your vantage point, you can change your life. Living with an attitude of gratitude is the best way to keep your challenges, trials, and opportunities in perspective.”

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