This CEO Created a Vault of Resources to Help You Succeed

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Andrea Martin has always been intentional about her career path. To help others achieve their goals without compromising work or family time, she created the Success Blueprint Vault. Her company is a career-focused membership program “for the ambitious woman that wants to achieve those powerful roles without sacrificing their personal life.”

Instead of offering a one-and-done class or workshop, Martin has built a bank of resources and a community of like-minded individuals to develop networking and professional development opportunities for years to come. “It’s a venue where you can get 360 support to craft the right strategy to get to your goals faster,” Martin tells CircleAround.

Members receive a basic introduction to career path development, tips on writing effective resumes, interviews, networking, and time management, and they receive help with performance and keeping up momentum once they’ve landed their dream job. After that, members are provided with ongoing resources and access to community members who have benefited from the Success Blueprint program.

"I worked crazy schedules and managed crews of men three times my age right out of college."

CircleAround caught up with Martin to learn more about the program, and how creating Success Blueprint Vault has impacted her life.

CA: How have your past experiences shaped the business you built today?

AM: I’m a first-generation Peruvian-American immigrant and moved to the United States as a teenager. I was the first in my family to pursue a non-traditional path. I graduated college with a degree in chemical engineering and immediately embarked on working for one of the major oilfield companies in the world. I worked crazy schedules and managed crews of men three times my age right out of college. I will always be grateful for my first job, because it was a boot camp on leadership.

CA: What inspired you to create your own company?

AM: During my career, I've realized many talented professionals are forgotten due to a lack of strategy. The hard truth is that intelligence and hard work will only get you so far. This is why I founded Success Blueprint Vault.

My mission is to help professional women elevate their performance and career fulfillment through my proven strategy. My vision for this membership is to create a vehicle for women to have their dream career and a bank account that matches. Success Blueprint Vault is designed to place you in the driver's seat and shift your mindset from a 9 to 5 to that of a CEO.

CA: What are you most proud of?

AM: I currently lead a multi-million dollar operation with an incredible team of high performers. I absolutely love what I do and it is a gift to have found a career path that pairs up engineering with the leadership perspective every day. Due to the size of my team, every day comes with new challenges but that keeps it fun.

I get to pave the way for other women to follow. In my executive role, I lead a team of over 20 people. The most exciting part of my job is coaching and helping my team develop.

CA: How have you been able to achieve the work-life balance you want?

AM: It takes effort and strategy being a full-time career-focused woman, and a present and loving mother and wife. I have two kids that I want to be a role model for, and I am endlessly grateful to have an incredible husband who supports me every step of the way.

CA: What advice would you offer someone looking to advance their career?

AM: I decided I would always push past my comfort zone, even when I was scared. I wrote this quote to always remember: "Be humble to know you will always have more to learn but have the confidence that you already have everything it takes to make an impact in the world."

Always remember that messy action is better than no action. If you are always waiting for the perfect plan before executing, you’ll be waiting a long time. You will have ups and downs in your career but don’t overestimate what you can do in a year, and underestimate what you will accomplish in a decade. Play the long game, with strategy!

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