Video Conferencing in the Time of COVID-19

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In the pre-COVID-19 era, I did all of my communication via email, and I felt that was perfect for both colleagues and clients. I knew exactly what they wanted, they knew what to expect, and we always got the job done successfully.

Owing to the coronavirus outbreak, video conferencing has become the norm. An increasing number of companies see it as the perfect solution for connecting remotely with their employees and clients.

Like most professionals, I spend a lot of time on Zoom or Skype calls these days. At the beginning of the lockdown, I thought I would dread video chatting for work purposes, but I was mistaken.

I genuinely enjoy meeting my team online to talk about work, life, and everything else in between. And even though my email game is still strong, I make it a point to video chat with my clients.

Here are three positive changes that video conferencing has brought into my life:

1. My Team Meetings Have More Meat

Unlike in-person catch-ups, which are more about coffee breaks, video allows us to get straight to the point. There is always a motive or agenda that needs to be discussed, and since we time ourselves, we make sure to finish the call within the stipulated time. I can also retain our points of discussion better and act upon them before our next meeting. There is more respect for everyone’s time, and hence, greater accountability.

2. I Have Bonded Better with My Co-Workers

Not everyone is a natural at remote working. It is easy to feel isolated and lonely, even if you have a full-time job and a home to balance. The monotony can, however, cause cabin fever and depression. Video calls offer a respite from the same old routine. It gives us a chance to have a face-to-face conversation and enjoy the sense of normalcy that was ripped away by the pandemic.

My team and I have bonded well in the last couple of months. This has surprised me because I thought we would spend more time working. But no, we are solid. Thank God for that.

3. My Workflow Isn't Hampered

Video calls can be as distracting as someone coming to your workstation to talk to you unannounced. So even if it is a spur-of-the-moment checkup, my colleagues and I ensure we know about it at least a couple of minutes in advance to prepare ourselves accordingly. Fixing the meeting day and time is essential. Video conferencing shouldn’t affect the mode in which you work; it should slide into your routine.

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