What Comes Next?

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On this page, you'll find all of the posts in CircleAround's month-long January series in which we asked writers to explore the topic, "What comes next?"

Now that we’ve (thankfully) turned the corner on 2020, what can we expect from 2021 — business-wise and family-wise, mentally and spiritually?

* The Challenge and Opportunity of a Post-Pandemic World: "In 2021, I predict we’ll see an increased desire for security and well-being, activism, and accountability, connectivity, and a commitment to women and children."

* Embracing Female Ambition by Ending Burnout Culture: "There’s power in being able to take off the superwoman cape and get supported with some of your deepest struggles."

* Connecting and Thriving in 2021: "I am getting excited about all the new possibilities ahead of us in the coming year. I am surrounded by amazing women who work hard, play hard, and love even more fiercely. Perhaps my days as a Girl Scout, persistently selling cookies door-to-door, groomed me for where I am today."

* She Advocates for Healthcare Workers' Lives: "As we start a new year and vaccines have begun rolling out, we are identifying areas that we can assist in, such as reducing vaccine hesitancy, vaccine administration in overwhelmed health systems, and continuing to address surge support in high-volume cities’ hospitals."

* 5 Ways to Push Your Professional Boundaries in 2021: "The fields of technology and finance both are very male-dominated. I have had to learn to navigate a system that was not set up for women and has been designed to keep us out.”

* Harriet Tubman Will Be on $20 Bills Sooner Than You Think: "Harriet Tubman said, 'I would fight for liberty so long as my strength lasted.' And she did fight, for the freedom of slaves and for the right of women to vote."

* This Platform Connects Underrepresented People to Job Opportunities: "Work Wider helps members of underrepresented groups (BIPOC, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, neuro differences, veterans, women, and 50+) find jobs at the companies that want to hire them."

If you'd like to contribute to the series, send us your thoughts to info@circlearound.com or post on our "2021 Vibes Wall."

Tags: Social Justice, Navigating the Pandemic, Overcoming Adversity, Mental Health, Self Care

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Faye Williams

Faye Williams is a cat lover based in New Jersey who enjoys traveling and spending time in nature whenever possible.  See Full Bio

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