Work Wardrobe 2020: Comfortable Clothes Win

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With the coronavirus epidemic ongoing, there is no bigger job perk right now for someone who is high-risk health-wise than to work remotely. As an asthmatic who has been hospitalized several times due to breathing troubles brought on by pneumonia and bronchitis, there is a very real risk that COVID-19 could have a devastating impact on my health if I were to catch it, so it’s imperative that I stay home as much as possible. I also have school-age children, so, with the uncertainty of in-person schooling, I need a job that will let me work from home if I need to. This is why, as I am looking for a job, I’m prioritizing the ones that allow me to work remotely, even if that means accepting jobs that pay less.

Working remotely is nothing new for me. I’ve been working from a home office or my couch for over a decade, enjoying the benefits of living in sweats and T-shirts, either barefoot or in cozy slippers, depending on the season. This has generally been an adequate work wardrobe for me, but nowadays, the job opportunities for remote work are expanding as more companies move their workforce online. These places will still expect their employees to dress professionally, because they will most likely ask employees to attend meetings, something many remote jobs in the past didn’t always require. These meetings, though done online via video, mean my wardrobe needs a complete overhaul.

Compromising Comfort?

My messy bun and oversize sweatshirt might not be appropriate in today’s new online workplace, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be getting dressed up every day. Remote work is often not just a typical 9-to-5 job, so finding clothes that are considered professional is important. Most of all, they must be comfortable, as well, if I’m going to be wearing them all day.

Since most video calls will just show the top half of my body, I might buy a couple pairs of pants (dark denim with a little Lycra for stretch are my favorite), but I’ll mainly spend most of my budget on pretty, colorful blouses and some nice, warm sweaters. I’ll get a few pairs of new earrings and maybe a couple of necklaces to add a little fun to my outfit for when I have to be on video calls with my coworkers or clients.

And as a multitasking working mom, cute flats are a must because my workday will most likely include chasing after a toddler in between sending emails, creating marketing plans, and attending meetings.

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Alicia Peiffer

Alicia lives in the Chicago suburbs where she is raising two preteens and a toddler with her husband. She works from home... See Full Bio

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