Women in Business: A New CircleAround Original Video Series

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Running your own business is a challenge. But doing so as a woman in a male-dominated world during a pandemic? There are so many talented women out there, who just need guidance from other, experienced women in the business world.

That's actually the idea behind Women in Business, a new original video series from CircleAround, in partnership with the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and Verizon Business. What if we took a few capable women business owners, and gave them some professional business coaching? And what if we recorded the interactions, so that we could not only follow the progress of these fascinating entrepreneurs, but could also provide the same business insights to all the other women small business owners out there, as well?

To kick off the series — which will debut tomorrow here on CircleAround — we selected two outstanding business owners with unique stories, but whose journeys could provide excellent counsel for other viewers.

Watch the Progress of Lorena and Annie

First, we have Lorena Camargo (WATCH Lorena's first episode here), a daughter of immigrants in Los Angeles who started out at a courier company as a part-time receptionist and later became the CEO of her own courier company — at 24. And then we have Annie LaVerdure-Weller (WATCH Annie's first episode here), a Native American writer, podcaster, and business consultant from Portland, Oregon, who is also battling an illness — a setback that, heartwarmingly, leads to a brilliant new business opportunity.

In the series, CircleAround follows both women in their own four-episode story arc, in which we meet them, see them introduced to a business coach, and then watch as they start to implement the advice they get. It's all part of CircleAround's mission, focusing on women supporting women.

Watch Lorena’s Story

Episode 1: From Part-Time Receptionist to CEO: Women in Business Video Series
Episode 2: How to Navigate a Male-Dominated Industry: Women in Business Video Series
Episode 3: Funny, You Don’t Look Like a Courier: Women in Business Video Series
Episode 4: A Big Risk Takes Off: Women in Business Video Series

Watch Annie’s Story

Episode 1: Unstoppable Annie: Women in Business Video Series
Episode 2: Fighting Cancer with Glamour: Women in Business Video Series
Episode 3: Cancer Made Me a Leader: Women in Business Video Series
Episode 4: She Left the Beatles, and She’s Going Solo: Women in Business Video Series

NOTE: All filming for the Women in Business series followed local and state COVID-19 rules and regulations, complying with all applicable safety measures and precautions.

Tags: BIPOC, Saving Money

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